NSS (National Service Scheme) Unit

NSS program officer

Prof. Kishor N.Tayade

NSS program co-officer

Prof. Dr. Prabhavati Vihire

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is an Indian government sponsored public service program conducted by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India. Popularly known as NSS, the scheme in year 1969, aimed at developing student’s personality through community service. NSS is a voluntary association of young people in Colleges, Universities working for a campus-community linkage. The cardinal principle of the NSS programme is that it is organized by the students themselves, and both students and teachers through their combined participation in community service, get a sense of involvement in the tasks of nation building.

Parent University tries to follow the principles of great revolutionary Saint Gadge Baba whose name is given to the university. Here follows his teaching

Sant Gadgebaba’s ten point programme

  1. Food for hungry
  2. Water for thirsty
  3. Clothes for needy
  4. Help for education of poor boys and girls
  5. Shelter for homeless people
  6. Medical facilities to handicapped and diseased people
  7. Employment to unemployed people
  8. Sanctuary to birds and wild animals
  9. Matrimonial help to poor boys and girls
  10. Confidence to unhappy people
  11. Education to poor people

Activities during Session 2016-17

  • Tree Plantation at adopted village
  • Save fuel as well as Environment protection abhiyan
  • Independent Day Celebration
  • Visit to various rallies and exhibition program to work there as volunteers
  • Rehabilitation campaign for addicts
  • Agriculture supported practices
  • Digging of lavatory tanks
  • Construction of BandharaAids awareness Programme
  • Water conservation
  • Cleanliness drive
  • Cleanliness Program in college Campus
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