College council

As per the ordinance number 24, Chapter III, there shall be for each college, a college council consisting of the Principal and all confirmed teachers of the college, providing that the above clause shall not apply to a college for the first two years from the date of the admission and in such a college the council shall comprise all teachers of that college.

The Principal and Vice –Principal, if any, of the college shall respectively be the ex-officio President and ex-officio Vice-President of the council.

The secretary shall be elected by the Council from amongst its members. He shall hold office for one year. The Council shall meet at regular and frequent intervals.

Functions of College Council:

  • To discuss the progress of the studies in the college.

  • To bring to the notice of the College authorities the needs of the students.

  • To make recommendations to the Principal or the Governing Body for improvement of the academic efficiency of the college.

  • To bring to the notice of the Governing Body any matter affecting the rights and privileges of the teachers of the college as a class.

  • To advice the Governing Body of the college and the Principal on such matters relating to the internal management of the college and discipline of its students as may be referred to from time to time.

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